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Outrigger Canoe Tours

Certified marine naturalist guides will share facts about the majestic humpback whales that are in Maui as you set out for an outrigger canoe and whale watch tour from Makena in the heart of Turtle Town.  Surrounded by calm waters most mornings, this is the ideal tour for families with small children, first-time paddlers, and those looking for a calm ocean experience.  Note...whale watch season is early December to late March.  For more information, go to

Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho'olei:  0.33 miles (located at Wailea Beach)

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The Shops at Wailea

If you are looking for upscale shopping, artwork, other gifts or excellent dining, take a short stroll to The Shops at Wailea.  For more information, please visit their website at

Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho'olei:  0.6 miles


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Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center is an aquarium and oceanography center located in Maalaea, Hawaii on the northwestern side of the island.  Explore living reefs, rare corals and a turtle lagoon.  Watch sharks, rays and huge fish interact with each other as part of the impressive “open ocean” exhibit, where guests walk through a glass tunnel and take in overhead views. The newest addition to this immersive marine life experience is the 3D humpback whale sphere that will leave you in awe.  For ticket information, go to

Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho'olei:  13 miles

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Maui to Lanai Passenger Ferry

Hop the passenger ferry connecting Maui with Lanai, one of the nearby islands.  While it is the smallest of the state’s inhabited islands, this part of Maui County offers a full range of activities such as four-wheel excursions, horseback riding and awesome hiking.  For more information, please visit to

Distance to passenger ferry from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho'olei:  28 miles   

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Lahaina Historic Trail

Explore more than 500 years of history spread throughout 65 sites in Lahaina Town. Start at Baldwin Home Museum, the oldest surviving house on the island of Maui, then visit a courthouse, lighthouse and more before arriving at the legendary Banyan tree. Over 145 years old, this massive tree has grown 16 separate trunks and, at 60 feet high, is the largest Banyan tree in the United States.  To learn more, please visit

Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho'olei:  28 miles


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Haleakala Crater at Haleakala National Park

Not only is Haleakala Crater the location where, according to Hawaiian mythology, the demigod Maui lassoed the sun, but it’s also one of the most beautiful places you could possibly watch it rise. You will need to rise early really to see this magic unfold as it can take up to two hours to travel to the summit and reservations are required to enter Haleakala National Park during early hours.  Haleakala Visitor Center elevation is slightly more than 10,000 feet.  Plan on lots of wind and cold temperatures at the summit!  To learn more, please visit

Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho'olei to Halekala Summit:  41 miles (note.....windy road with lots of switchbacks; plan on a minimum 2 hour drive to summit)

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Ironwood Ranch

Ironwood Ranch offers a variety of rides to suit all riders, from beginners to experienced, with a wide range of scenery and terrain. You will ride over lush pineapple fields, through tropical valleys and ironwood forests, and enjoy panoramic views of Maui and the neighboring islands.  Visit for more information.

Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho'olei:  35 miles

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Road to Hana

This scenic drive through Maui’s stunning eastern seaside cliffs and alongside waterfalls is a 64 mile route that takes significant time due to restricted speeds around treacherous curves and blind corners.  Plan a full day for this exciting adventure!  To learn more, go to

Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho'olei to Hana:  64 miles


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The Seven Sacred Pools

Nicknamed “seven sacred pools,” the Pools of 'Ohe'o provides an amazing swimming experience.  Surrounded by a lush rainforest and bamboo trees, the cascading waterfalls and natural pools is East Maui’s most popular attraction.  Visit on a sunny day as wet weather can sometimes close the area for safety reasons.  For more information, go to

Distance from Maui Breeze Retreat at Ho'olei:  66 miles (note:  curvy, rough road; plan on minimum 2 hours to arrive at destination)